Scorching Load Times.

Did you know that based solely on your landing page load times you can lose, on average, between 40-75% of your visitors if your page load time is greater then 3 seconds?

  • 15 Or Less Clients Per Server – the industry average is 150+
  • Latest – Fastest Technology – NGINX – PHP 7.2 – Memcached
  • Fast Caching – FastCGI + Wp-Rocket = SPEED
  • Average Load Time 1s – Blink and the your landing page is loaded
  • Data Protection – 24×7 backups and a tight firewall


Every aspect of your website is managed by us. DNS – Website Hosting & Optimization – Backups – Security. Need a restoration done? We handle it. We monitor the performance and stability of your website 24×7 as well.


Original WordPress Website Design using no templates or generic themes. All sites completely optimized for speed from non-blocking CSS to async javascript.

Branding your vision via all media formats. Social Media – YouTube – Twitter – Etc… Advanced logo creation and domain / business name creation options.

High speed Managed WordPress hosting. The fastest landing page load times in the industry will help turn visitors into sales and reduce “bouncing.”



Our core technology allows the fastest possible load times without sacrificing compatibility with WordPress plugins or reliability


Total WordPress control allows us to fine tune your performance

We take care of everything

We control the caching setup and help you keep your website running smoothly by monitoring for rogue plugins.

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High stability Ubuntu 16.04 Operating System protects your website

Rock solid operating system

Ubuntu 16.04 is the most stable, proven, and compatible Unix/Linux operating system on the market today

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Working with our datacenter we have your security hardened

Firewalled and Port Protected

Easily scanned ports are blocked along with Firewall protection and free SSL to further protect your site

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Seriously. Speed is what all the cool guys have.  It’s so cool that websites that load in 1 second or less on a PC and 3 seconds or less on mobile have a 67% greater chance of converting a visitor into a customer.

At Enginex Web Hosting we are concerned about being cool. Cool is more then a cool website that one of our divisions creates – it’s about how convenient it is to use. Or, to put it another way, how much value the website adds to the user experience. The number one measurement of a websites effectiveness is does it give the visitor what they want? Visitors want relative information as fast as possible right before their eyes. Speed.

Based on all meaningful benchmarks – GTX – Pingdom – Google Mobile Test – we will almost always exceed your competitors websites in both load time performance and other meaningful categories.
We aren’t here to reinvent the wheel and setup a super nerd server in our garage so when Mommy comes home and mistakes a server cable as another mess to cleanup you go down. We are partners with one of the largest data center companies in the nation who manages all our hardware for us 24×7. All hardware is super new – super fast – super.
All data is backed up daily and even if you did not choose the backup package we have the last 7 days of your server backed up. If you choose the back plan then you have much more flexibility on how many days you can retain for backups.